Embrace the Neo Norm

Revolutionize your presence in the fashion industry

Adopt our range of solutions to take your brand to a movement, reshaping the industry. These are the staircases to the future of fashion.

Hyper-realistic virtual retail product sampling.

Designing and sampling facility to help designers and brands actualise their collections before manufacturing with acute fashion acumen.

Immersive storytelling in conventional & new media formats.

Helping fashion brands achieve digital and virtual campaigns with full-scale virtual video production and ultra-realistic results using technology and AI.

Virtual try-on experience through VTO mirrors and apps.

Convenient product try-on experience with virtual visualization of colour variations and options on the web, mobile & store mirrors using AR and AI.

Virtual shopping experience at your device screens and XR.

Curating virtual spaces for brands to set up their stores for their customers to shop on Web 3.0, Metaverse and AR/VR/MR.

Gamified experience for physical and virtual spaces.

Gamified experience that allows brands & physical spaces to promote themselves through games, fashion shows and interactive experiences.