Neo Marche is a VR tech platform for fashion brands. We enable brands to enter the digital world by offering both digital and physical fashion and lifestyle products for sale. 

Digital fashion has many benefits:

  • Accessibility: No material or manufacturing costs
  • Unconstrained: Not limited by the laws of physics
  • Unlimited scalability: Make unlimited copies of a garment at no additional cost.
  • Customizability: No risk of damaging garments if customized.
  • Immortality: Digital clothing will survive forever.
  • Connecting Real and Digital: Real-life wardrobes can be recreated in the digital world. 

We have been partnering with brands all over the world, enabling them to use digital tools from the start of their visualization process, which has led to more efficient and sustainable planning, development, marketing and commerce. We would love to connect with you and take you through our virtual shopping solutions.

Don’t shop less, shop digital fashion.