10 Ways In Which Digital Sampling & Digital Twins Could Benefit You

‘Digitisation is the future of fashion’. You must have heard this multiple times, right? But does it still feel like an alien concept to you? If you have questions like – how exactly will it help you, you have reached the right place.

In our previous blog, we covered a few use cases of digitisation in the world of fashion. Here, we’ll dig deeper into the advantages of digital sampling and digital twins according to your role in the fashion industry.

Just before we get into it, for those of you who need a quick understanding of both the terms, here you go:

So, What Is A Digital Sample And Digital Twin Exactly?

A digital sample is a digital version of the physical product (ideally prior to a physical sample). Digital sampling is a sustainable business practice where a brand/designer creates an accurate, real-like digital prototype of a garment in order to save time, energy, and resources, without compromising on the look and feel.

A digital twin refers to a digital replica of a physical object which is made by collecting data from the real world and allows access to real-time information (ideally with the help of the physical product specs, scans and images). 

How Do They Benefit Retailers:

  1. If there’s one way to be more accessible to your customers and introduce them to experiential shopping by going beyond traditional e-commerce, digital fashion is the answer.
Drest X Auroboros
Courtesy: Vogue Business

2. When you create physical samples only when required, you can stop worrying about the unsold inventory and mass production model.
3. Even if physical stores reopen to their full capacity, your digital samples will help with additional sources of revenue and recognition!
4.It’s not just about aesthetics. Work with right partners like Neo Marche and you can see the accuracy with respect to size, style, colour and even digital thread dyes!

Hussain Almossawi, a 3D expert at Adidas said the best thing about working on digital models was the detailing, where even the folds and wrinkles could be shown realistically and it is impossible without the right pattern making and stimulation tools or software. 

5. And how does this detailing help? Increased conversion rates and decreased return rates!Can it get better than this?

6. Now, what if you find influencers who believe in your designs and concept? It will help you widen your brand’s reach.

Once Subham Jain, Founder and Creative Director of XR Couture explained the concept of digital samples to influencers and they started posting online, there was an increase in online customer engagement and intrigue. All this without the hassle of sending physical samples and generating waste! Goodbye, tainted samples eventually to be dumped in landfills!

7. Early adoption will help you to be prepared when customers swipe for clothing and not just filters as predicted by Subham Jain.

Right now, only 4% of the fashion houses have digital maturity. The popularity is going to rise with social media AR capabilities improving day by day, says Megan Kaspar, MD and co-founder of Magnetic, an investment and incubation firm focusing on blockchain businesses.  

8. Digital twins can hold comprehensive data – colours, materials, texture, inventory information and be used as demand sensors, trend predictors and efficient trackers of garments. This is crucial because, as of 2019, the global trade in fake garments was around $4.5 trillion. 

How Do They Benefit Designers:

7. Adding wings to a pair of sneakers or a glowing effect to an outfit – your best form of creativity can come to life with digital fashion. Our latest 3D designer onboard, Erika Wang from Shiu Studio will agree!

Sello of Auroboros commented that, “Never before have you been able to wear silicon that is dripping and glowing!”

Courtesy: Dezeen

“Our customer is the luxury customer who wants to try something new — they are already wearing Celine bags in the images,” says Dress-X co-founder Daria Shapovalova.

10. Gone are the days when you had to wait for feedback for your designs for weeks! Launch a digital collection or a preview of it, get instant feedback from your audience, and get going!

The ability to see your creation in the physical world in a matter of minutes as compared to months is an exciting advantage, says Pierre Maheut, Head of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships, 3D & Immersive, at Substance by Adobe.

Digital fashion can give fast fashion a whole different meaning. A meaning which does not compromise the health of the world we live in.

No wonder that 3D sampling and digital twinning were the prime focus of the 2020 Sourcing Journal Summit’s discussion about remodelling the sampling system.

Realising the benefits of adoption of such software, in Vietnam, multiple companies are collaborating with South Korean technology firms to get ahead of their competition. 

We at Neo Marche would love to help you accelerate your brand’s growth and smoothly venture into the futuristic world of fashion right away. If this sounds exciting to you, tell us, when should we begin?