3 Reasons Why Brands Are Unsure About Digitising

According to McKinsey, the pandemic was kinder to Apparel, Fashion & Luxury (AF&L) brands who were better equipped with the digital know-how. It also states, a few Covid-19 trends might stay, giving way to a contactless economy.

So, even with such evidence, what stops fashion brands from digitising their processes?

  1. Heavy investment:

For many brands, simultaneously recovering from the pandemic losses and investing in advanced equipment or technical skill set could be a roadblock. A string of what if questions occupy their mind – what if the returns are not as expected? What if we waste our entire budget on something fairly unknown? What if this leads to a bigger loss? Such questions are valid. But the better news is, there are solutions for this in your favour!

What we suggest: Instead of digitising the entire product development process at once, identify which area needs the most and which area will give you the most benefits.

For example, at Neo Marche, we help brands create digital lookbooks so that they can spend all their energy on creativity and not numerous barriers of creating physical outfits for sampling.

Today, 30% of a retailer’s time is spent in waiting for the next process to occur – for the vendor to create samples, for the vendor to send them, for them to reach the retailer, and so on. 

We help you maintain your brand essence in a digital marketing format which is convenient for you and your clients. Maybe the sales and marketing funnel is not your priority. Identify what’s yours and start with that. Based on results, expand your digitisation efforts to other areas of your organization.

Source: TAAS.INC

2. Lack of technical skillset:

Since designers are used to creating designs with pen and paper, it could be a little difficult to adapt to the new 3D tools. Also, these tools and software still have scope of improvement to match the industry expectations. Courses are being introduced in colleges which provide knowledge on the latest tools and digital fashion.

What we suggest: There are companies who let their designers use pen and paper to make the initial design and only then digitise it. To get a kickstart, if you are not keen on building in-house capabilities this early, you can partner with companies like Neo Marche who will help you digitise your products. We have different packages suited to your requirements. You can have a look at our designs here.

3. Lack of knowledge about its advantages:

More than anything, there is a certain level of lack of awareness among sellers regarding the scope of digital fashion. It seems like something that only luxury brands can afford and something which is out of reach for smaller brands. But the truth is far from this.

What we suggest: In this stage where even the bigger brands are exploring, it makes sense to test the waters and begin your digital journey. It is at such a stage that the brands who will make the first step will gain from the first-mover advantage. In our blogs we cover several examples where brands have seen success because of digital fashion. If you would like to know more about how we can help you get a headstart, let us know.

Source: Vogue

From creating digital lookbooks to offering a space on our upcoming virtual e-commerce platform, we at Neo Marche can help you find a solution that meets your requirements. So, what are you waiting for?